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March 1, 2012


DATA SHEETS                               

Genulite M45

Genulite M75

Genulite M105

Genulite C95

Filtraflo 411 Filler  
Filtraflo 411
Filtraflo 421  
Filtraflo 431
Filtraflo 471  
Filtraflo 4101
Filtraflo 4151
Filtraflo 4201
Filtraflo 4201SP  
Filtraflo Silo  
Filtraflo 4201 275kg  
Filtraflo 4251
Filtraflo 4251SP  
Filtraflo BODYAID
Characteristics of Filtraflo 411 - for the Paint Industry
Filtraflo Grades and Applications
Stol 825  

Genulite Groperl 

Genulite Cultiperl

Genulite Terraperl

Safety Data Sheet Filtraflo Perlite Filteraids and Fillers  
Safety Data Sheet Genulite Perlite Aggregates and Fillers