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January 5, 2011

Bodyfeed is the filteraid dosed into the liquor to be passed through the filter. Bodyfeed aids in keeping the filtercake porous during filtration by continuously allowing a build up of fresh filteraid onto the filtercake. A rule of thumb for bodyfeed dosage stipulates that the volume of filteraid added should be equivalent to the volume of solids present in the unfiltered liquor.


Volume solids of unfiltered solution  = 10%
Volume of solution to be filtered  = 1m3
Volume of bodyfeed filteraid  = 1m3 X 10%
   = 0.1m3 / m3
Mass of bodyfeed filteraid  = 0.1m3 X PCD
   = 0.1m3 X 100kg/m3
   = 10 kg filteraid

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